Sold In Tucson Documentary Film – Currently in Production


Shadowline Films

There is more to life than meets the eye.

Just beyond the skin of the world, in the shadows of the obvious are beautiful and painful stories of life and death; stories of victory and sorrow; of injustice and charity; of millions of people in thousands of cultures, walking through life, day to day, doing good and evil, loving and hating, thriving and languishing.

Much can be learned by the observant and astute.

Shadowline Films is an explorer in this world of contrasts– wandering the line between shadow and light, asking the questions often overlooked. What are the forces that drive the exploitation of the innocent? Are there virtues in life worth fighting for? Are there still valiant warriors out there who will stand for justice?

Join us on our journey as we discover the answers to these compelling questions in our current documentary film project, Sold in Tucson. Please visit for more information and to learn how you can help also.